WPA ARES Net SM Message

February 11, 2017 — Good morning and thank you for volunteering your time and skill to demonstrate your emergency preparedness and ability to serve the public In times of need. No matter the season, communications emergencies can develop rapidly. The best time to make sure your station is up to par is before the emergency arises — not after!

Western Pennsylvania is a very busy section, with hamfests, public service activities, licensing classes, VE exams, club meetings, and many more activities already scheduled throughout the next several months.

Hamfest season is already here, with WASHfest scheduled for February 26, and the Warren County hamfest scheduled for March 5.

It’s challenging to keep up with all these activities. You can always check the events calendar section of the WPA ARRL website, and our Facebook group for events to find the latest and most up-to-date information about all the WPA activities.

The ARES page on the WPA ARRL website has been significantly updated and has tables of information about each district and county. County simplex frequencies and repeaters used for ARES purposes, as well as the names and call signs of ECs and DECs are listed. Have a look, and if you see any errors or omissions, please send me an email with your corrections.

And speaking of email, please use my W3BC at ARRL dot ORG email address to contact me for ARRL business, as the dot net address does not forward to my phone when I’m out and about.

That’s all for this week. Stay healthy and press on!

73 from W3BC


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