WPA ARES Member Sign-Up

ARES Connect Registration for all WPA ARES Members is now open!
Click the [ARES Connect] button below to open the registration screen.

Complete the following blocks:

  • User Name           [Your Callsign] (only your callsign may be used.)
  • Password             [        ] (this may be anything you can remember)
  • Verify Password  [        ] (must be the same as Password)

Click [NEXT]

From the list of items, check all that apply to you at the time you are completing the form.

Click [NEXT]

Complete the form filling in the blanks and answering the questions “YES” or “NO” as they apply to you right now.

All questions must be completed

Click [NEXT]

Congratulations! You are now registered and awaiting your Emergency Coordinator’s approval!

Ready to get started? Click the [ARES Connect] button now…