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WPA Technical Services

   The Mission of WPA Technical Services is to provide excellent technical assistance to the Radio Amateurs and communities throughout Western Pennsylvania. The Technical Coordinator and local Technical Specialists offer their help to resolve questions regarding antennas, equipment, interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. They can also assist you in getting expert technical help from the ARRL HQ Staff for more difficult or specialized questions.

WPA Digital Voice Net Format

LoadingQST QST QST -- This is  <your call> , net control calling the Western Pennsylvania Digital Voice Net. This net meets every Wednesday evening on the 31422 Western PA DMR Talk…Read More »

WPA DMR Codeplug Info

LoadingHere is my first crack at an information packet for WPA DMR users and repeater owners. Please review it and let me know what needs corrected. https://wpa-arrl.org/Files/DMR%20in%20WPA.pdfRead More »

Digital Voice Radio Seminar - March 3, Indiana PA Quality Inn

LoadingSIGN UP FOR THE DIGITAL VOICE RADIO SEMINAR – COMING IN MARCH Last year, we held a WPA section-wide DV Radio Seminar – at the Uniontown ARC. The response was…Read More »

Section News, October 11

Western Pennsylvania Section News October 11, 2017 2017 WPA SET “Very Successful” Saturday, October 7th was the date for the 2017 SET. In the weeks leading up to the event,…Read More »

Section News, September 18 2017

Western Pennsylvania Section News September 18, 2017 Near Space Balloon Launch – September 20, Noon to Recovery From Cory W3CDG: “We will be using my call W3CDG-11 for the launch. Plan…Read More »

Washington County Department of Public Safety mobile command center, Unit 92-2

The first position at the door is a combined HF, VHF, UHF Amateur Radio position as well as Aircraft, Marine, Citizens Band and a VHF public safety channel. The Ham…Read More »

60 Meter Digital Operators Take Notice

From Carol Milazzo KP4MD/W6, ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Manager : Keep Our Digital Transmissions Legal on 60 Meters Posted January 29, 2017 Our decreasing solar activity and residential antenna restrictions…Read More »

WPA Section Digital Voice Radio Seminar

The fastest growing aspect of amateur radio on our VHF and UHF bands today has to be DV (Digital Voice) radio. While many hams are already active with one or…Read More »

Winter Field Day

Extreme Radiosport – Winter Field Day! The Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club of Chambersburg, PA will be participating in Winter Field Day on January 28-29. Radio Amateurs have been setting…Read More »