Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

  • WPA ARES Net SM Message – 21 December 2019

    Holiday Gretings to everyone. Wishing all the best to you and your loved ones this holiday season. Good health, good cheer, and good DX to one and all! === Many […]

  • WPA ARES Net SM Message 14DEC19

    Remember the Pennsylvania Fone Net, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 pm, on 160 meters on a frequency of 1910 kc === Our WPA Digital Voice net is held […]

  • Beaver County ARES

    John Cole N3TN Emegency Coordinator <beaver@wpa-arrl.org> Frequencies Simplex: 146.58Alternate: 145.53Repeater: 146.85 – <88.5> Nets Mondays, 2030: 146.85 – <88.5> Meetings Latest Beaver County ARES News

  • Armstrong County ARES

    Steve Fazekas K3FAZ Emegency Coordinator <armstrong@wpa-arrl.org> Frequencies Simplex: 147.54Alternate: 145.53Repeater: 145.410 – <173.8> Nets Mondays, 2100: 145.410 – <173.8> Meetings Latest Armstrong County ARES News

  • WPA ARES County Pages

    Southwest District

  • Allegheny County ARES

    Bob Mente NU3Q Emegency Coordinator <allegheny@wpa-arrl.org> Frequencies Simplex: 146.55Alternate: 145.53Repeater: 147.090 + <88.5> Nets Wednesdays, 2100: 147.090 + <88.5> Meetings 21 Sep, 1200-1500: Organization Meeting, Red Cross, 2801 Liberty Avenue […]

  • Allegheny County ARES: Organization Meeting – Sept 21 at Red Cross

    All Allegheny County ARES members, and those interested in ARES are invited to the Allegheny County ARES Organization Meeting on Saturday, September 21 from 12 noon to 3:00 pm. The […]

  • Allegheny County Gets New ARES Emergency Coordinator

    Bob Mente NU3Q We are happy to announce that Bob Mente NU3Q has been appointed to be the new Allegheny County ARES Emergency Coordinator. Bob is well known for his […]