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  • New HF Net to begin Friday, November 1st

    We are inviting all Hams from Pennsylvania and the surrounding States to join us for a wide area emergency communications and traffic net. We are bringing back a net which […]

  • WPA Nets

    WPA ARES Voice Net Saturday 0900, Prevailing Eastern Time 3.983 MHz, LSB – Primary Frequency 7.272 MHz, LSB – Alternate Frequency [Spider_Calendar id=”2″ theme=”14″ default=”month” select=”month,list,week,day,”]   2017 WPA ARES […]

  • Traffic Handling Class, March 18, Washington

    WACOM CLASS on traffic handling open class! ACS training at the WACOM radio room at the South Strabane V.F.D 1696 E. Maiden St Washington, Pa on Saturday March 18th at […]