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Section Manager ARES report – April 8, 2017

SM Report for ARES Net 04/08/17
Our WPA Assistant SEC, Bud N3TIR reports that a record number of ARES Monthly Reports were received on time, and that the Section Summary for the month of March has already been sent in to ARRL Headquarters. This is the third month in a row for our section. Let’s aim for a clean sweep of all ECs next month — we’re over halfway there!
Thank you for your cooperation and support of this very important aspect of ARES. By supplying this information to League Headquarters, it allows League staff to compile a meaningful picture of ARES activity and the value of Amateur Radio to the Public we all serve.
If your local ARES group is planning to participate in an activity, or has a report on a recent activity, please forward this information to me as soon as you can, so it can be published on our Section website, and entered into the calendar. A brief note or a full write-up will be accepted, along with pictures. Don’t forget to supply the “9-1-1” address, and contact information so visitors from out of town can find your location.
If you are planning drills, exercises or training sessions for your ARES group, and would like to have a WPA Section official present, please drop me a line to w3bc@arrl.org, with the street address, date and time of your event. I’ll do my very best to accommodate your request and show section support for your activities.
I have made it a goal for myself to attend every WPA hamfest this year, and set up an ARRL and WPA presence. All ARRL Field Organization appointees are encouraged to stop by the ARRL location at their local hamfest, and help present our unified cooperation to those in attendance. Remember, our WPA motto is “Service – Integrity – Excellence.”
The old wpaares.org website is being replaced with the WPA ARES area of the new Section website. The old domain name will soon bring up the new location automatically. Both old and new addresses will direct you to the latest WPA ARES news and information.
Have a look at wpa-arrl.org/ares
Are you ready to serve your community during a communications emergency? Remind everyone in your group that emergencies can happen at any time and develop very rapidly. We train so we can be ready. April is the beginning of the season for rapidly developing severe storms and they can sometimes create instant disasters here in Western PA. Forewarned is forearmed.
73 and Press On!
de W3BC


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