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Winter Field Day – Part II

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“Misery loves company,” goes the old saw. In this case, another WPA club has decided to take on Old Man Winter and participate in Winter Field Day.Like its summer counterpart, the winter version involves setting up temporary stations away from the comforts of home. In this winter weather, that’s a LOT of comfort to leave behind!

Steve Fazekas K3FAZ of the Fort Armstrong Wireless Association writes:

“We’ll be operating at our EOC for the winter field day event with four stations operating from the radio room and emergency communications trailer. There will be several of us there for the duration (plus some members coming and going) working as many bands and modes as propagation permits. We’re working hard to have club members who seem a bit gunshy of HF to participate while we use the club call sign…who knows, somebody may find out there is a big world beyond the repeater. We’ve also invited some non-hams to come by and see what amatuer radio is all about.

“Come and visit, there will be some good eats and you can get a look at
our trailer renovations that are coming together rather nicely.”


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