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ARES Connect Update

We are receiving many reports that ARES Connect users are experiencing difficulty or impossibility when trying to log in to or register for the ARES Connect website. Some are confused by the instruction pages on this website and are trying to create user IDs for wpa-arrl.org. That is not the correct website.

Therefore, those pages have been removed from this website.

To sign in or to register for the official, correct, one-and-only, actual ARES Connect website, please click on the following link below, only… (and don’t sit on this page and click any “log in” stuff on the right side of this page!)



One Reply to “ARES Connect Update”

  1. Skip Kauffman K3CC

    We had a NBEMS Net for many years until it was taken over by the Eastern PA group…It was used for a few emergency’s reporting directly to State PEMA..
    I’ve tried to reactivate it but no interest….Voice is not very good during an emergency, esp when NBEMS has forms that are approved by FEMA and other agencies. When there is an emergency the Eastern PA may never see it and there are NO stations here to reach PEMA using NBEMS ….This makes the ARES system kind of useless…and with NBEMS stations at emergency hospital, public safety and others we should maintain a digital footprint in WPA and CPA…

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