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Watch for Tower Site Vandalism

The following is from the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center:
“The Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC) is requesting information on any incident involving vandalism or other damage to communications towers or other equipment belonging to ham clubs or other emergency communications entities. Any entity whose equipment has been damaged or who has information about an incident should contact Intelligence Analyst Robin Cartwright, W3KAT, at (717) 525-5283 or rocartwrig@pa.gov. All information will be kept confidential.”

Communications Equipment should include any equipment including cell phone installations etc.

W3KAT mentioned “There have also been arson and vandalism incidents involving cell phone towers in Tennessee and in Europe because of the rumor that 5G cell technology is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.”

Please pass this on to the repeater owners in your county and request that all Amateurs be vigilant regarding this issue.

This is an ongoing issue and will be listed continuously in the EAWB starting May 10th.

The Saying “If You See Something Say Something” still holds true during the Pandemic.


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